Monday, 7 May 2007

Slain By Spam

Alas poor BackBlog....
May 3 , 2007
Due to the massiv interest and use of the system, but not enough server capasity, we have been forced to shut down this service until futher notice. Users wishing to claim their data, can log in and use the "Export to CAIF" option.

Further more, this site is for sale. Bids starts at 1000$, please send an e-mail to sj(a)

I used the CAIF functionality to recover all the comments - and was astounded to find that there were 100+ spam entries for each non-spam one. In fact, there were whole threads containing 99 spam comments, and nothing else.

No wonder the system is useless. Without a filter program in the front end, the whole thing is at the mercy of the first DOS (Denial Of Service) spammer to hit it.

Anyway, I've recovered all the comments, cleansed out the spam, and now must figure out a small program to sort the threads in date order, convert the XML to HTML (OK, I could use a style sheet...) and integrate them with the posts they pertaine to.

Maybe not today.

That's why BackBlog as been removed as a commenting system from here. Before Blogger offered its own, it was the only (free) game in town. Now the terrabytes of data (and gigabytes of valuable information in it) is for sale for $1000. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.

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