Monday, 30 August 2004

Curse You, Red Baron!

John F. Kerry building a Fokker Triplane after his electoral defeat in 1972


The Gipper Lives said...

"Pictured here, the Senator unveils his secret plan to upgrade the Air Force."

Zoe Brain said...


Or perhaps : future President inspects 3 Fighter Wings?

The Gipper Lives said...


Other captions:

"The SwiftVets were correct: John Kerry, proven modeler-Fokker."

"The '71 model Kerry: Hair by Isabelle, sweater by Benneton, Herve "De plane!" Villechaize Capri pants and Sandy Berger(tm) elasticized socks."

"Kerry recalled his secret peace mission, landing 5 miles behind enemy lines on Christmas Day, 1918, where he met with foreign leaders, including Baron von Richthofen."