Sunday, 13 November 2005

Class of '75 - In Pictures

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Instant, unquestioning, and total acceptance. Well, not unquestioning: lots of questions, how does it feel, how did it happen, had I had "the op" yet... and congratulations. Always congratulations, and totally undeserved tributes to my courage. Whether from making the transition, or just polling up, I'm not sure. Both, I think.

But I had faith in these guys. And in Grammar as the one institution where I'd get acceptance, and good-natured well-wishing tolerance even from those who didn't quite understand.

I wrote before:
I guess I'll be giving the reputation for tolerance, diversity and a liberal education a bit of a test.
Being Grammar boys, of course they passed the test with High Distinctions, Summa Cum Laude.I mean, it's expected of them.

And I could really get used to having my drinks brought to me. Gallant too.

One thing though : What does a guy say to a woman when he realises she was the other 2nd-row forward on his Rugby team? And what does she say in return?

When I got back to the motel, I confess I did something most undignified for a woman my age, even a Geek Girl. I jumped up and down with Joy, squealing like a schoolgirl.

My cheek muscles are still aching from smiling so much on the long drive back from Sydney to Canberra.

I don't look too bad, even without makeup, do I? (Sound of Zoe doing the Happy Dance again)

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Anonymous said...

You "don't look bad"?

It is more like you "look GOOD", my dear sister.

With my love, as always,