Monday, 20 July 2009

We Must All Make Sacrifices To Stop Global Warming

From Quadrant Magazine, with apologies to Johnathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal" : The Aztec Solution:
Climate modelling of new data from the Aztec Codex Cihuacoatl has identified a relationship with important implications for global warming mitigation. The research suggests a strong causal pathway exists between climate change and Aztec rituals of “nourishing the gods” with blood sacrifice.

The evidence supports a revival of (humane) human sacrifice (HHS) as a mechanism for retarding environmental degradation and reducing dangerous climate change. HHS also would improve crop yields by allowing more effective control of surface temperature and rainfall; create anthropogenic biochar for soil enhancement and long-term carbon enrichment, especially in tropical environments with low-carbon sequestration capacity and depleted ferrasol and acrisol zones; and reduce population growth rates as the Earth’s carrying capacity comes under further pressure this century....
Michael Kile is author of No Room at Nature’s Mighty Feast: Reflections on the Growth of Humankind. He is also a Perth playwright. Grateful acknowledgement is made to Mexico’s Institute Nacional de Antropologia e Historia, the Bibliothèque de l’AssemblĂ©e Nationale in Paris, and the World Climate Research Programme for research assistance.
At least... I hope it's tongue-in-cheek.


Lloyd Flack said...

Why not kill two birds with one stone, so to speak? Sacrifice Al-Quaeda members. I can't think of any other use for them.

Anonymous said...

The problem is, "we must all make sacrifices" is properly translated as "I will make a sacrifice; you will be a sacrifice."

Kinda like the "Let's take a private jet to the Global Warming conference in Bali" idea.

RadarGrrl said...

Human sacrifice has absolutely nothing to do with global warming. It's all about the pirates!

kevin said...

I think its a stupid piece of climate change denial by people who like their science convienant.
The tone of that crowd becomes more rabid and in-group in defense; the horrible truth, "I'm dead wrong", can't be faced.