Friday, 22 August 2003

Crock of ...

Too tired to comment. Let's just say that Many a True Word is spoken in Jest.

Oh yes, and Salties (Salt-water crocodiles) figure prominently in our plans to defend Northern Australia. Cheaper and far more effective than minefields. Several Japanese recon teams were landed in the Northern Territory and Western Australia from subs during WW2. We only found out about them when some remains were discovered - of the lucky ones, who'd died of thirst rather than being eaten before they got inland.

Salties don't get very big :
The worlds largest reptile the "Salty" has a broad "stubby" snout with cone shaped teeth.

Its average length is 4 meters but males 6 to 7 meters have been reported.
That's what, not even 24 feet long, and only 13 feet on average.

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