Friday 22 August 2003

G'day all my visitors from

The comparison you're looking for is below. None of the weapons shown are actually RPG-7s, but they are Anti-Tank weapons similar to types used in Iraq. They are also taken from much closer than the actual range, and should be far easier to differentiate from a camera. The actual view of the soldiers would be more like this one ( which is of an RPG-7 being aimed at you).

I wish to emphasise the animation merely mirrors the original graphic, at Spartacus. For some reason, the originator hasn't received credit, while a mere publicist (myself) is receiving large quantities of traffic. There Ain't No Justice.

I invite you to have a look at the archives. There's some interesting stuff, Brain-Twisters, articles about Cyborgs, "Blue Suede Shoes" in Klingon, and the Chinese Space Program. Have fun.

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