Tuesday, 19 August 2003

More Fun with your Central Nervous System

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.* ( .wav file)

First, I want you to stretch your right arm in front of you. No need to overdo it, just put it up as if about to execute a dive.

Now rotate it clockwise, as if drawing a big letter 'O' in the air.

Then, stretch your left foot in front of you, and rotate it anti-clockwise.

This should be quite easy. With me so far? OK, put your left foot down, and stop rotating your right arm.

Now, put out your right foot, and rotate it anti-clockwise, just like you did with your left foot.

Finally, put out your right arm (if you'd put it down) and rotate it clockwise, just like you did before.

Watch what happens to your right foot.

For an explanation of this interesting effect, see The Volokh Conspiracy. (BTW it doesn't always work with me, as I've had CNS damage due to encephalo-meningitis, and my circuitry's abnormal as the result. )

* - From "Listen With Mother", a UK radio show you have to be antedeluvian (like me) to remember.

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