Friday, 15 August 2003

More on the ICCC

That is, the International Circus Clown Conspiracy.
"The UFO sitings over Iraq are actually mass hallucinations engineered by the Conspiracy of Circus Clowns to make Michael Moore and other enemies of the Cabal of Neo-Cons think they are not alone. In the ensuing paranoia, the Conspiracy of Circus Clowns and the Cabal of Neo-Cons plan to control the world. If you see UFOs, close your eyes - it's all a trick. Meanwhile, a special task force led by Indimedia is being set up to tackle the problem. "

This Customised Conspiracy was generated by the C.O.N.S.P.I.R.E Discovery site. and is a lot more plausible than much emanating from the BBC's Andrew "there are no Americans near the Airport" Gilligan recently.

More evidence of the International Conspiracy of Circus Clowns, (see the Protocols of the Elders of Barnum ), is in the deeply disturbing picture opposite. It was the controversial cover of the "Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction" for June, 1996 to illustrate the story "The Auschwitz Circus" by Matthew Wells. Art by Kent Bash.

Victims of the International Circus Clown conspiracy include :

Frank Loy, Under Secretary for Global Affairs at the State Department;

Keith Campbell, co-creator of Dolly the sheep,;

UK Labour politician Clare Short, Secretary of International Development

Ralph Nader, Green Party Icon;

And many others.
The attacks have taken place throughout the world, and claimed such illustrious victims as Microsoft's Bill Gates, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien, former European Commission President Jacques Delors and Dutch Finance Minister Gerrit Zalm, who was last year felled by an organic banana pie at the opening of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.
Yet still the Joey-controlled mass media won't report the pattern. Oh the Humanity!

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