Monday 4 August 2003

RocketCams and Ratbags

The Web is an amazing place. I'm constantly surprised at some of the treasures that can be found. Like this archive of Rocket Cam movies.

Or the SODAconstructor - suitable even for people with 56k modems.

Then again, there are other things that make you feel as if you've just turned over a rock. Like those who take the classic fraud "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" seriously.

Rather more sane than the ravings of these rabidly racist ratbags, and certainly less harmful, are the instructions on how to make thought screen helmets - to stop Aliens from abducting you. I can completely believe that no-one who regularly wears one of these has ever been abducted by an Alien.

Thereby proving that there are some who are as Queer as a Clockwork Orange. Others who are just plain Bananas.

I repeat, the Web is an amazing place.

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