Sunday, 17 August 2003

Weird Wide Web

Dial-The-Truth Ministries reveals the dreadful truth about.... Santa Claus. Saint Nick or Old Nick?

The Blenderphone. Every home should have at least one.

And a true treasure. Most people know of the Easter Eggs inside some software. (And if you don't, just go to any of the Easter Egg archives).

But I only recently found that Hardware engineers have often buried secret little artworks, etched in miniature on chips. Examples include "a Pac-Man gobbling the initials GAAS (gallium arsenide) on a TEMIC Semiconductors silicon-germanium radio frequency integrated circuit.". A collection of these delightful images, often the size of a pin-head, is in the Silicon Zoo.

(This one for Computer Geeks and Bloggers only). Microsoft's next extension to HTML? The Mind Reading Markup Language. note Because it's not case-sensitive, it doesn't conform to the XML guidelines.

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