Tuesday 28 October 2003

A Contrast in Style, A Contrast in Substance

The most reviled form of Government in recent times has been National Socialism. With Good Reason. The two most famous - or infamous - National Socialist parties have been the NSDAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei - National Socialist German Workers' Party) AKA "Nazi" party, and the ANSP (Arab National Socialist Party) AKA "Ba'ath" Party.

But... a bad form of Government executed by Good People is better than a good form of Government executed by Bad People. therefore present for you a contrast in styles, of two "National Socialist" movements, though one of them didn't call itself that. Judge for yourself.

Flies and BombersNational Socialism often conveys Public Service messages in Militaristic terms, but not always.Signposts
Civilian Conservation CorpsA Favourite theme is the Heroic Industrial Superman, forging a new National Pride.You are the Front
NRA EagleThey seem to have a thing for Eagles as emblems. On Restaurants, on Posters for "World Peace"...Nazis For Peace
NRA RecoveryThey're good at showing how Decent, Normal Folk are on the way up from Misery and DespairWinter Relief
NRA EagleDid I mention about the Eagles? Oh, and the paperwork, the licencing, the bureaucracy...Nazi Eagle
Work Promotes ConfidenceOf course, not all National Socialist Regimes are created equal. Sometimes the differences are what is important, not the similarities.Arbeit Macht Frei
National Socialism per se is not what made the Nazis, and the Ba'athists, evil. It was their penchant for attacking neutral countries, and for engaging in the wholesale slaughter of innocents. Auschwitz would have been an abomination regardless of the political system that created it. Whether feeding the families of political opponents into shredders or into ovens, that's just a matter of style. What's important is the matters of Substance, like the very real differences that existed between the Franklin&Eleanor team and Adolf.
Did I mention about the Eagles?Iraqi Eagle

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