Thursday 23 October 2003

Look Out! There are Llamas!

No, not Tibettan Abbots. From The Australian :
Ambulance crews called to the aid of a 72-year-old farmer who injured himself after tripping over a rabbit hole were left powerless to help him overnight after his herd of stubborn llamas leapt to his defence.

Graham Bailey who farms four South American llamas, called Milo, Bertie, Horatio and Felix, fell in a field on his farm near Kettering, north England, and was stranded for two hours before a passer-by heard his screams.

Attempts to rescue the stricken pensioner were scuppered when the head llama led the animals in a circle and began dancing around to protect him.

"The ringleader Milo stirred the others up," an air ambulance spokesman said.

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