Wednesday 8 October 2003

Only in Australia

From the Sydney Morning Herald's Column 8 :
"It may be dry in the country," says Will Hagon, of Beaconsfield, "but rarely dull". His son, Kym, a vet in Kempsey, got his first patient of the day, a snake. "Poor thing," reports Will, "it needed a head wound patched up. Then its keeper, a herpetologist, said 'It's OK, I've contacted the local hospital, they have anti-venene ready'. Kym understood this warning when told it was a death adder and that even brushing against something its face had touched could kill you with its crystallised venom. So gloves on, some special glue instead of stitches and the snake - clobbered by a billiard cue when released in a pub - was on its way."

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