Friday, 28 November 2003

Happy Thanksgiving

As about 30% of my readers are American, just thought I'd wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.

In Australia, we have something to be thankful for too - Mr '16%' Simon Crean, the leader of the Australian Labor Party (sorta like the left wing of the US Democrats) has resigned, fallen on his sword, turned up his political toes and gone to join the political Choir Invisibule.

Of the three major contenders, one's a Show Pony (good at media manipulation, but shallow as a Petri Dish), one's a savage Leftist Party Hack, and one's a really good second-in-command but a hopelessly inept leader. At least he was last time he led the party. In a (Hypothetical) National Coalition Government though, I'd want him as Minister for Defence.

As a Liberal voter, I should be overjoyed at the disarray of the Opposition. But as an Australian, it worries me. A healthy Democracy requires a healthy Opposition, not one that's schizoid and riven with factions. God help us all if they get into government the way they are. I'd really like a choice of who to vote for, Good vs Better, not Good-to-Adequate vs Utterly Hopeless.

Still, there are people like this in the "second Row" of the ALP front bench. Even though I fought against the AUS (Australian Union of Students) and all it stood for at the time she was a rising star in that august organisation, she's done a pretty good job as shadow minister for Health. There is some talent in the ALP - it's just that the factional politics makes sure that only mediocrities and political gamesplayers make it to the forefront.

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