Wednesday 26 November 2003

Recent Searches

One of the things that fascinate me is how people find this blog, and the search strings they've entered to get here.

Some recent examples, with the ranking of my blog in the search results.:
  • ribbentrop-molotov avalon project (No 6)
  • taxiing in fog (No 3)
  • why we remember Zheng He (No 3)
  • software development "tree swing" (No 3)
  • the brain (No 170!!)
  • useless facts on the brain (No 6)
  • "dikij vostok" film (No 9)
  • us rolling the space programme (No 9)
  • superglue korean soldiers (No 6)
  • Farry trips in Latvia (No 1)
  • ss athenia picture (No 1)
  • armour II firewall (No 35)
  • carmel gravy recipes kosher (Unknown)
  • picture of cartoon brain head (No 13)
  • a e brain (No 1)
  • pauline hanson fish and chips images (No 11)
  • brain operation forms (No 8)
Puzzling questions: why has Google stopped ranking me in "carmel gravy recipes kosher"? And what was the purpose of the mysterious query about "superglue korean soldier"?

The world continues to puzzle, amaze and delight me. "There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

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