Tuesday 18 November 2003

Well, I'm back.

Church SignAfter an examination so grueling it was positively Olivertwistian, I've finally finished the last test of the last module of my Master's of Information Technology. There was a question worth 2 marks out of 100 that I didn't have the complete answer for - an obscure one about format of a data log entry on a website - but I was able to make a decent attempt at the rest. Unlikely to get 10/10, but unlikely to get much below 6 either. It was certainly the hardest, but also one of the three most interesting courses I took at Charles Sturt University. Only one of the 8 modules was a dud, where I felt I'd done my dough. Four of them were good, workmanlike courses, well worth at least double what I paid for them, and three were outstanding.

BTW I've never actually been on any of the campusses (shouldn't that be Campi?) - this was all done via the internet, and correspondence. They give this course outside Australia as well as inside.

Oh, the sign on the right? Too good to be true, I'm afraid (though it paraphrases an exchange in the battle between St Barnabas and the Pub which I used to enjoy looking at every morning on my way to Uni in the 70's)

No, it's from the Church Sign Generator.

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