Tuesday, 16 December 2003

Criswell Brain Predicts

I normally contribute most of my observations on the Global (rather than local) political scene over on The Command Post. Which incidentally has been periodically snapshotted by the US Library of Congress as a "Site of Historical Importance", so my words have been captured for posterity. (Thinks: I wonder what Scholars in the 2600s are going to think of this?) But I digress.

One observation I recently made was over at Tim Blair's Blog. It was in the nature of 4 predictions. See how I did :
Predictions of coming SMH and Indimedia stories:

  1. Seething over the inhumane treatment of a Prisoner of War being shown in a degrading video. Allegations that this is a War Crime and Bush the War Criminal. Calls for his trial by an International tribunal. Bush that is, not Saddam.
  2. It's taken Halliburton 8 months to grow a Clone using their diabolical Genetic Modification techniques. They got the DNA from the martyred children, Uday and Orsay. It's a fake by a fake President, just like 9/11 and the Moon Landings were faked. And it's all Bush's fault.
  3. Yeah, yeah, they captured Saddam. But what about Bin Laden? Iraq's a Quagmire, and it's all a plot by Bush to mislead the Murican People and get them to forget about important stuff. Like the genetically-modified plastic turkeys they forced the soldiers to eat.
  4. It's actually bad news, this will trigger off a whole new round of attacks on America and its Allies. Australia will be less safe than before because of.... well, just because. And it's all Howard's fault. And Bush's.
Those were the predictions. Here's the Reality:
  1. From Medienkritik :
    (German TV station) n-tv ("Bilderserie"): As a proof he (Bremer) presented the pictures of the caught arch enemy, even though the showcasing of POW's is forbidden by the Geneva Convention.
    and from The Australian :
    It was beyond belief that anyone could feel compassion for Saddam Hussein in the wake of his capture, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said today.

    Some critics have expressed concern about images being broadcast around the world of the haggard former dictator of Iraq after his capture by US troops.

    But Mr Downer said the broadcasts were not in contravention of international laws.

  2. From columnist and noted intellectual Phillip Adams, in The Australian :
    Ok, he looks like Saddam Hussein. He sounds like Saddam Hussein. And, yes, he has the same DNA. But can we be sure that it is, in fact, the former Iraqi leader? And not just some poor turkey? Another of his hapless body doubles? Or even a clone?
  3. From The Australian :
    Joseph Cirincione, a fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, characterised the dictator's capture as "largely irrelevant in the larger war against terrorism".

    "Saddam means nothing to al-Qa'ida and all the al-Qa'ida-like forces," he said.

    It is bin Laden who singlehandedly "has bedeviled American efforts on the war against terrorism", Time magazine editor-at-large Michael Elliott wrote yesterday.

    "The capture of Saddam helps, but so long as bin Laden remains at large, all the power and high-tech wizardry of the American armed forces are still losing the battle...
  4. George Galloway :
    This will not stop the Iraqi resistance... if anything, it may set the resistance free, if you like, from the cloud of Saddam Hussein, and transform it into a purely national resistance movement without the charge that it's being controlled from behind by the deposed president.

Silly me. I thought these comments would be by the Moonbats at Indimedia, the same people who believe that the Moon Landings were faked and that Bush uses Zionist Orbital Mind Control Lasers on the "Sheeple" to keep them in line. The people who think the "X-Files" and "Bowling for Columbine" are documentaries. But I hedged my bets and mentioned the Anti-War Sydney Morning Herald as well, not that I thought mainstream media, and especially not The Australian (my dnoc as Norman Geras would say) could be quite so loony. Oh well, you live and learn.

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