Monday, 15 December 2003

The Dark Side of the Claus

Saddam CapturedAnyone else think he looks like some malignant , malevolent Santa Claus? Not so much Saint Nick as Old Nick?

Meanwhile, have a look at the reactions carefully selected by the BBC. You can't make this stuff up.
It's good that it's clarified where Saddam Hussein is now. But I do not hope that people forget now that George W. Bush has lead the world into a war without proof of WMD and a connection to Osama bin Laden. What Bush did was wrong. And Americans need to remember that next year when the presidential elections take place.
Michelle Mauriere, Leipzig, Germany
Americans must not lose sight of the fact that what this is, is a war on terror - are we closer to the goal of that? I doubt it, when you consider the ground realities in Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention elsewhere in the Middle East.
Uma, Mumbai, India
The American administration must now be very nervous. If a proper war crimes tribunal is allowed, Saddam will implicate most of them (and previous UK administrations as well). I think we should think where Saddam's support, funds and weapons came from when he was actually committing the worst atrocities for which he may now stand trial.
Peter Budek, Bedford
I don't see the arrest of Saddam Hussein making any difference to the coalition's problems in Iraq. This establishes Bin Laden as the world's No1 terrorist, and I suspect that the Iraqi dissidents will now turn to him to organise their campaigns against the coalition forces, if they have not done so already. All that will be derived from this is a couple of days good PR for Bush and Blair.
Frank Redmond, London, UK
But hey, in the interests of balance they give opposing viewpoints too. The next comments are:
The capture of Saddam is good news for world peace that cannot be denied. But the capture of him alive is an even better result. In essence, what the Bush Administration do with him now is the key. We can only hope this will prove yet another spectacular failure on their part that will result in a continued, inflammatory and detrimental reaction in Iraq and elsewhere around the globe. In turn this should prove yet another disaster for Bush and his re-election plans. In the long run it is this ultimately that is an even better prospect for world peace. Don't be too surprised if you see Saddam smiling.
Derrick Donald, Sydney, Australia
Great! Now some stability might return to Iraq. While they put him on trial for war crimes, they can put Blair and Bush on trial too. Lets not forget they waged an unprovoked war of aggression without a UN mandate, and they lied to their electorate regarding the "Intelligence!
Derek Haslam, South Shields
Can't be any fairer than that. At least, the BBC can't.

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