Tuesday 9 December 2003

Scum-Sucking Bottom-Feeders, and Incompetent Too

Much as I support The Gubernator (Arnold Schwartznegger), especially after the smear campaign against him, I have to say that at least one member of his staff needs firing.

From The Australian :
With her lawyer Gloria Allred by her side, Miller made the groping allegations in a news conference on October 7, the day before the California recall election.

Within hours, the Schwarzenegger campaign sent an email to several reporters directing them to the Los Angeles Superior Court website and instructing them to type in the name "Rhonda Miller".

That produced court records for a woman named Rhonda Miller with a long criminal record.

The email, sent by Schwarzenegger adviser Sean Walsh, said, "We have to believe that as a lawyer Gloria would have thoroughly checked the facts and background of the individual she presented at a news conference today."
Except of course that the Criminal "Rhonda Miller" on the site was a different person entirely. And the reaction of Governor Schwartnegger's Lawyer?
Schwarzenegger attorney Marty Singer denied that Walsh's email suggested Miller had a criminal record. The email "does not state specifically that this is the same woman who was making the claim the night before the election," Singer said.
Here in Australia, that "defence" would greatly increase the damages awarded. Only a hopelessly incompetent Lawyer would use it in Australia. Of course things may be different in California, and there is little doubt that Rhonda Miller's complaint was part of a carefully-orchestrated smear campaign by political opponents.

As for the title of the post? The old joke : "What's the difference between a Lawyer and a Catfish? One's a Scum-sucking bottom-feeder, the other's just a fish."

So Arnie, fire Sean Walsh, whose actions descended below the sewer your opponents were slithering in. Oh yes, and get a new Lawyer. A Competent one. If it comes to a Jury trial, after Marty Singer's remarks, you may need one.

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