Thursday 18 December 2003


I regularly review the sites in the "Referral" list. OK, it´s for ego-boo. But also, it´s because I regularly find treasures there, interesting URLs I never would have found otherwise. And to be a source for Interesting URLs is one of the prime reasons for this blog´s existence.

The political and just-plain-good blogs I link to are an eclectic bunch. I haven´t chosen them to represent any sort of "Spectrum of Opinion", though they certainly do that. They authors have several things in common: be they Libertarian/Randite or Marxist, 55- or 15-years old, they´re able to teach something, and willing to listen to and learn from differing opinions, with courtesy and respect.

But getting back to the concrete, here are some good ones that I've found recently.

Tram Town is an Ozblog I'm sorry I've missed before. Reading through the archives is consuming much of my valuable time, but the quality makes it compulsive reading. Had I not come across this, I might never have known about the Stairways to Heaven CD, where a multitude of artists give their renditions - or renderings (as in "Rent : to tear asunder" or "Render : To deconstruct by boiling") the Led Zeppelin classic "Stairway to Heaven".

They also have a banner link to one of my favourite Weird Wide Web URLs, Britney Spears Guide to Semiconductor Physics.

Another Goodie is Hold the Mayo. This one I didn´t get directly from the referrer´s list, but via the Rocket Man. Who by the way has some interesting calculations showing why building a SSTO (single Stage To Orbit) lifter is so much harder than building a 747.

This blog has a good article about those of us who were born in the era of the Beatles, the tail-end of the 50s, the just-post-baby-boomers and just-pre-Generation Xers. In a blog chock full of interesting posts, he makes a stunning confession:
(and I work in marketing!).
See, I told you it was an eclectic mix. (I´m puzzled about this white stuff called "snow" of which he speaks though.)

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