Friday, 5 December 2003

When good Wallaroos turn Bad

From The Australian :
A 67-year-old woman had to fight for her life after being attacked by an angry wallaroo at her home in southern Queensland.
Believing him to be thirsty, she brought him a bucket of water.

"He looked at it and just came at me with his claws," Mrs Sinton told National Nine news.
The animal grabbed Mrs Sinton around the neck, kicking, scratching and headbutting her as she reached for a shovel to fend him off.

"I really gave him hard hits on the head," she said.

The old shovel then fell apart and the wallaroo turned on Zac, Mrs Sinton's cattle dog.

She ran for her car, with the roo following her, and managed to phone her husband who grabbed a rifle.

The roo tried to wrestle the firearm away from him.

"He grabbed the barrel," Mrs Sinton said.
Mr Sinton finally managed to shoot the rogue wallaroo but not before his wife had suffered numerous cuts and bruises to her arms and body.

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