Wednesday, 28 January 2004

The Many Uses of Vegemite

Thermal Transfer CompundsAs Thermal Transfer Compund(Thermal Grease), for example. Outperforms some leading brands, at least initially, but is in turn out-performed by Toothpaste.

The more usual use for the stuff (Vegemite, not Toothpaste) is well described on the web. The recommended dose - 5 grams - is really for the neophyte. Aussie kids spread it on with a trowel, and can't get enough of it. Maybe it's something in the water, I don't know.

Some quotes from non-Australians about this wondrous stuff :
...can be bought in some health stores and isn't really the canned stool sample that rumour claim it is.
Some friends we made in L.A. tried a little vegemite one day during our visit. Their reaction was very polite (they tried not to screw up their faces too much as they were eating it). The verdict - "you mean you guys really eat this stuff? VOLUNTARILY? Someone else stated it had the colour and consistency of axle grease!
Americans who have managed to put this taste sensation into words variously
describe vegemite as like:

  • soy sauce

  • a stock (bouillon) cube

  • anchovies

  • the scrapings off a fish tank

  • motor oil

  • salty axle grease

  • salty shoe polish

  • tar

  • composted gym socks

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