Tuesday 24 February 2004

O Tempora! O Mores!

No, not a post about Japanese Fried Veggies. A post I have difficulty classifying as Programming, or Weird Wide Web, or even Political comment. I recently found that Ken and Barbie have split. Yes, Barbie Millicent Roberts is now single. (Great Trivia question that one : What is Barbie's middle name? But I digress). Anyway, she's shacked up with an Aussie (figures) named Blaine. Blaine? Not exactly a common name in these parts.

Googling brought me to a website that attempts to explain Object Oriented Programming using Ken and Barbie as an example. Which says something about programmers, but I'm afraid to speculate what it says....

Anyway, the programming site has this little gem buried in it:
A guy walks into the Toys-R-Us toy shop in downtown Cleveland and says to the assistant: "Could you please show me your Barbie dolls? My daughter's birthday is today and I have to get something she will love!"

She says, "Certainly, sir. Here, we have:
Fashion Barbie @ $15.95
Vacation Barbie @ $15.95
Housewife Barbie @ $15.95
Divorcee Barbie @ $215.95!"

The guy asks in astonishment, "Why is Divorcee Barbie so much? She looks the same to me."

The assistant answers, "Well, sir, Divorcee Barbie comes complete with Ken's car, Ken's house, Ken's golf clubs, his gold MasterCard, his yacht and his summer home."
Oh Times! Oh Customs! Still, it sounds better in Latin.

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