Monday 22 March 2004


As opposed to multiculturalism, this is Wankology.
Australia's multiculturalism is being celebrated across the country today, with a variety of events to mark 'Harmony Day'.
Thousands of people have been taking part in events including beachside citizenship ceremonies and street festivals.
The event began in 1999 to promote cohesion and harmony in diverse communities - 23 per cent of Australia's current population was born overseas.
The Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, Gary Hardgrave, says the day is gaining significance as more Australians realise the need to work together regardless of their background.
Mr Hardgrave says the celebration of national Harmony Day plays an important part in promoting racial tolerance.
He says integration creates a win-win situation for everyone.
"Integration simply means you bring who you are to the business of Australia," Mr Hardgrave said.
"This country is attractive to people who have come from all around the world to be here, to live here."
Mr Hardgrave encourages everyone to wear orange and participate in community events to help promote a feeling of belonging.
Trendoid Happy-Feely "Harmony Days" and Politicians urging the wearing of orange clothing. Ye Gods, you can't make stuff like this up.

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