Saturday, 24 April 2004

A Palestinian Week

From Victor Davis Hanson :
The Palestinians will, in fact, get their de facto state, though one that may be now cut off entirely from Israeli commerce and cultural intercourse. This is an apparently terrifying thought: Palestinian men can no longer blow up Jews on Monday, seek dialysis from them on Tuesday, get an Israeli paycheck on Wednesday, demonstrate to CNN cameras about the injustice of it all on Thursday — and then go back to tunneling under Gaza and three-hour, all-male, conspiracy-mongering sessions in coffee-houses on Friday. Beware of getting what you bomb for.

There are signs of hope though. For example, one editorial from Pakistan... Sometimes it's difficult to remember that the vast majority of people on this planet are decent human beings, regardless of cultural differences. Much of History is Tragedy, rather than Melodrama.
Good against Good is Tragedy; Good against Evil is Melodrama
This should not blind us to the fact that some people are just plain Bad to the Bone. And others... Hitler had great affection for his Dog, until he killed him with a Cyanide capsule just to see if it worked. Goebbels loved his five young daughters, but gave them a cyanide capsule each too. No doubt many suicide bombers are absolutely certain that they are doing the Right Thing. No doubt many American attack helicopter pilots are very uncertain of their complete moral rectitude when firing rockets into a building where fire's coming from (but which may contain innocent civilians), even if it saves many lives.

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