Thursday, 29 April 2004

Sachost.Exe Removal Instructions

Monitoring the referrals to this site, I'm getting an increasing number of hits per hour from Google, people looking for sachost.exe or sachost.exe removal. I've also had some e-mails thanking me for the help. Anyway, if you're a visitor looking for help on disposing of this trojan, the instructions are here.

I suppose I should put in a disclaimer about "use these instructions at your own risk", but won't. Use common sense. If you're not sure you can follow the instructions ( editting the register is open-heart surgery on your computer, it's really easy to kill the patient by one small slip ), then go find a tame geek. They'll be glad to help, if only to show off their prowess.

I've also received a second e-mail that attempted to infect me with a Trojan - but now my defences are a little better ( there was a Microsoft patch from April 13 I didn't know about), and I don't even know which trojan it was, it didn't penetrate far enough for me to ID it. Be very careful of any e-mail whose header is Question for seller -- Item #nnnnnnnnn where nnnnnnnnn is a 9-digit number.

More details on people's experience with sachost.exe are available on an e-bay forum.

If this has been any help to you at all, please consider hitting the Tip Jar, as it's been 4 months since my last pay cheque. All major credit cards and Pay Pal accepted. But it's purely voluntary.

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