Tuesday 8 June 2004

The Lessons of History (Part II)

Or rather, the absence of Lessons of History.

From the West Australian :
Nearly 80 per cent of young West Australians have not heard of D-Day, according to a straw-poll on the eve of the campaign's 60th anniversary.

A survey of 100 people aged 16 to 25 by The West Australian reveals widespread ignorance, with only 22 able to identify D-Day as a major military campaign of World War II.
The survey did not surprise Curriculum Council director of curriculum Mark Brown, who said it was more important for young people to have a broad understanding of how historical events shaped society than to recall specific events.
Not explained is how anyone can achieve such a broad understanding without knowing at least the most major events in the first place. Now I don't believe Mr Brown should be shot. But he certainly should be fired.

Hat Tips all over the place, Garath Parker, via Niall, via CurrencyLad's comment at Tim Blair's site, and inspired by Sasha Castel.

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