Thursday, 29 July 2004

The Grauniad

I'm still coughing and sneezing, and gulping the odd dose of pseudoephedrine etc, so don't expect anything of any great worth and moment. As others have found, blogging while heavily medicated is a recipe for disaster.

And talking about recipes for Disaster, readers may wonder why I refer to the Guardian newspaper as the Grauniad.

From the Free Dictionary :
It is sometimes known affectionately as the Grauniad because it was noted for typographical errors in the past, including misspelling its own name once in the 1970s. Although such errors are now less frequent than they used to be, the 'Corrections and clarifications' column can still often provide some amusement. There were even a number of errors in the first issue, perhaps the most notable being a notification that there would soon be some goods sold at atction, instead of auction.
The term "Guardian reader" is often used pejoratively. The stereotype of a Guardian reader is a person with leftist politics, rooted in the 1960s, regularly eating lentils, wearing sandals and believing in alternative medicine and natural medicine, despite extensive science coverage including a contempt for alternative medicine.
To show that its traditions of sloppiness, carelessness, and downright idiocy are still being preserved, here's a recent article : Seven Iraqi Troops Killed in Poland

For more in the same vein, see Doh, the Humanity (courtesy of UtterlyBoring)

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