Saturday 10 July 2004

No Worries

File this one under 'Canberra'. The doors are barricaded, we have plenty of provisions, and can withstand the siege.

From The Australian :
Killer kangaroos have claimed the lives of two dogs and injured at least one person in Canberra in the past week, as a desperate search for food forces the normally shy marsupials into maddening daylight.
Dr Evans this week issued guidelines to locals living in the bush capital on how to steer clear of an attack by the cuddly looking marsupials. The danger signs are clear - don't approach a kangaroo "when it is standing up and looking straight at you, sometimes it also will growl and snort", Dr Evans said.
Actually, he's right. I've had a big Grey Roo do this near Campbell Park Defence Complex, and I backed away fairly swiftish. But we've only had Roos in the garden twice over two decades.

More at CNN.

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