Tuesday 20 July 2004

Popular Front for the Liberation of Judea

From the ABC comes a story about the recent assassination (via Car Booby Trap) of a senior Hezbollah figure in Lebanon.:
PFLJJund Ash Sham, which announced its formation a few weeks ago in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain al-Helweh, issued a statement claiming responsiblity.

It was the first time that a Sunni group has allegedly claimed an attack on a rival figure in Lebanon's Shiite community, the largest in the country.

"We have executed one of the symbols of treachery, the Shiite Ghaleb Awwali," said Jund Ash-Sham, which refers to Damascus at the time of the seventh century Ommayyad Islamic califate.

"This is the start of a real and decisive battle between Islam and heresy."

Jund Ash-Sham is a splinter group of Osbat al-Nour, a tiny group that sought refuge in the Palestinian refugee camp in Ain al-Helweh after deadly armed clashes with the Lebanese army in northern Lebanon, in January 2000.

The grouping is made up of mostly Sunni fundamentalist Palestinians, and some Lebanese from extremist circles that oppose Shiites, particularly the Islamic republic of Iran.

Considered more radical than Palestinian groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad, Jund Ash Sham also opposes all other secular and nationalist Palestinian movements.

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