Thursday 12 August 2004

Back Online Again, Again

Hopefully, the new antibiotics are doing the trick. Yes, that's what I said last time. Oh well, I've been fever-free for 36 hours now, I have a new monitor installed so I don't get eyestrain, and I can start repairing the damage I did to those Perl scripts when I wasn't working at 100% efficiency.

BTW the reason for the endorsement of YNZ? Well, rather than just sell me a new monitor (at a very reasonable price of $220, including GST), they first did their damnedest to get the old one working. Alas, not only had a transistor blown, the short had wrecked the high-voltage circuitry. But no fix, no charge. They've got such a terrific reputation through word-of-mouth now that their repair business is overtaking their new equipment sales. Not just hardware, but virusses cleaned, Operating systems installed and patched, a full turnkey service. Oh yes, they deliver too.