Tuesday 3 August 2004

Hardware Problems and Toddlers

First, I had problems with my CD drive (all fixed now). Now Andrew has managed to wreck my 15 inch monitor. My backup monitor is too ancient for the video circuitry in the new motherboard to drive it, and I'm now using a flaky old 12 inch one that cuts out momentarily every few seconds.

We now have a large enough collection of dead electronics gear to hire a trailer and send it to a recycling plant. 2 VCRs, a 51cm TV, a 15 inch monitor that's dead, another one that's now obsolete not just obsolescent ( complete with CGA to VGA cable, yes it is that ancient ), two phones, a laser printer, a DVD player... Andrew didn't break all of them. The laser printer and one of the phones aren't his fault.

Still, he managed to repair at least one piece of kit, so he's doing very well for someone who's just turned 3.


Redneck Texan said...

Boy, tell me about kids tearing up stf faster than I can buy it. Alan, you realy should splurge for a $150 17" Monitor man, the 80s are over.

What...Did you get banned from the CP too. ;o)

I havent seen many post from you there lately.

Redneck Texan said...

My kids used to think that CD-Rom doors, and VCR doors were their piggy bank. You could hear the nickels and pennies rumbling around inside. And Keyboards were for spilling stuff in.

As soon as I would get one corrected here would come another toddler, to try and screw my life up.