Saturday, 21 August 2004

It's Alan not Allen

Alan (not E) The BrainFrom the Seattle Post-Intelligencer :
The military has given Paul Allen's brain research project $1.8 million to incorporate into its overall mission of gene-mapping the mind some additional work on sleep deprivation.
The Allen institute's debut project, the Allen Brain Atlas, aims to map all of the active genes in the mammalian brain -- starting with the mouse brain.
Actually, my name's Alan Brain. I usually include the middle initial so I don't get taken for the Cartoon Character who also writes computer programs. And yes, I have had to produce my Driver's License several times in order to convince people I'm not having them on. I really feel for anyone whose name is, say, Michael Mouse. Now getting back to the serious bit...
"If we can learn more about sleep deprivation and performance, I think we're going to save lives." The Allen brain project, Nethercutt said, should provide sleep researchers with new insights into sleep, fatigue and mental performance under duress -- all areas of interest to the military.

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