Saturday, 7 August 2004

Political Gangrene

Some Evils don't go away if you ignore them. Here's an example:

First, Jewish Graves Desecrated in Wellington, NZ

Then, the reaction :
Of course I don't support the desecration of graves however I also have not made personal statements on numerous other topics that have been in the media in recent times, I frankly do not have time to cover everything.

Rod Donald MP
Green Party Co-Leader

Finally, the result.

Anti-Semitism has inflitrated much of the Green-Left movement. At best, a fashionable neglect of such 'minor issues' (they're only Jews - probably all Zionists anyway), at worst Mystical Aryan Judenhass. I invite any readers of the Green pursuasion to take a good, long look at their party. It's your problem. Fix it.

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