Monday 23 August 2004

Strengthening the Good #1

The First Cab Off the Rank.
Here's the issue: a burning charitable need at this moment is relief for people affected by Hurricane Charley. And while I very much want to highlight a Charley micro-charity, the fact is that the need right now is macro - incredibly macro. Fundamental needs: housing ; water ; huge quantities of baby formula ; needs that are best met by macro charities such as the Red Cross, the Christian Contractors Association, and Salvation Army, and it's going to be this way for some time.

But I also think I've found something you can get behind and feel good about: The Gulf Coast Community Foundation Of Venice Hurricane Charley Disaster Relief Fund.
Why this one? Because they've promissed to donate on a 1-for-1 basis. Every dollar you donate, they add another one.

I suggest that before you go over to the main GCFV site, you visit the Stengthen The Good page first, to see a full justification of why this particular fund was chosen. It's your money, you should be sure it's not being wasted before donating. We get double the effect.

And whether you're donating or not, please consider liking to either this post, or the Strengthen The Good site, or even just e-mailing it around the office to let others have the opportunity to donate or not, as they see fit. Ta.

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