Thursday, 19 August 2004

Support The Election of Iraqi Bloggers!

Iraqi BloggersSome Iraqi Bloggers are running for election to the Iraqi National Assembly.

Naturally, they announced it on their blog,Iraq the Model.

I popped their party logo, (Iraq Pro-Democracy Party is the official name) over on the left. Feel free to donate some spondulix to them - I did, and lord knows, money's pretty tight right now. Why? Well just read what these people have been through.
One night in the beginning of the 80s 10 security cars came carrying the bodies of 10 young men who all seemed in their early twenties. We started to burry them but as we were writing down their names we noticed something really strange, they were all carrying the name “Sabah”! What was even stranger that the same thing happened for the next days. Every day a new group of dead men all named “Sabah” until the number reached 40!

We didn’t know the reason at that time, was it just a coincidence or what? Later on, after the war we knew what happened after one of the security officers was arrested and told the story. The reason behind this strange story was that one of Al Dawaá party members was arrested. He refused to give them the name of the guy in charge of his group and during the terrible torture and as he was about to collapse he broke down and said, “Sabah, a student in the college...” he couldn’t finish his words out of pain and exhaustion and went in coma soon. The man died and they (the security) never knew anything more from him.

Destiny had an appointment with all the student named “Sabah” in the colleges in Baghdad as the arrested man was from Baghdad, and especially with Sheát ones or those who are not know to be loyal enough to the regime. 40 young men died just because they carried the name “Sabah”!”

This is the story as it appeared on Al Iraqyia TV by the undertakers in “Al Najaf” cemitery. Mere doubts were enough to lead a man to death at those times. This was the time when Saddam was still using documents when he executed “traitors” before he changed his style as the number of “traitors” increased incredibly and started to use mass graves in remote areas without using any document. The number was too high to be contained in Iraq’s cemeteries.
Go over to the party site, have a look at the policies. Then have a look at the blog, to get an insight into the personalities of the candidates. Unless you're Iraqi, you can't give them your vote (which is as it should be). But you can give them some money to defray expenses. Given that the Saddamites have the odd Million or two lying round, a few dollars to balance things wouldn't go astray.

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