Thursday 2 September 2004

Don't Dis Da Roo

Quote :
That's the baddest damn thing I've ever seen
Damn Straight.

From The Australian :
It's not often a kangaroo upstages boxing promoter Don King, but Rudy, a feisty marsupial, did in Las Vegas today.

The kangaroo, a promotional gimmick for this weekend's historic heavyweight world-title bout between Australian-based Kali Meehan and America's Lamon Brewster, created havoc at a pre-fight press conference at the Mandalay Bay Casino.

Meehan and Brewster were locked inside a small pen with the kangaroo for a photo opportunity and, to the horror of the two boxers, when the cameras started flashing, Rudy began bouncing.

"That's the baddest damn thing I've ever seen," Brewster, a 185cm tall, 102kg brute and the World Boxing Organisations heavyweight champ, said after his encounter with Rudy.

Meehan, at 196cm and 106kg, also is not easily intimidated.

"There's not a lot of things that scare me when it comes to boxing and life in general," Meehan said.

"But, I have to be honest. That kangaroo scared the hell out of me.

"I think Lamon was a bit braver than me in there."

Meehan's Australian manager, Teddy Allen, came up with the idea of recruiting Rudy for the press day and King, the promoter of the boxing event, loved it.

The kangaroo lives in Los Angeles and is a regular in Hollywood films.
While working over at the Campbell Park defence complex here in Canberra, I used to go out at lunchtimes and have a look at the various Roos and Wallabies (small roos) that considered the area home. Normally, the problem was sneaking up close to them, without spooking them. But one time, there was a mob of Red Kangaroos, and a large male on lookout. He observed me for a bit as I slowly stepped closer, then instead of giving the signal to scatter, he took one step towards me.

I backed away sharpish.

We didn't share a common language, but communication was established.

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