Tuesday 14 September 2004

KerryNey for President?

Anybody following the US presidential elections might find the following oddly familiar...
The most false and defamatory reports have been publicly circulated for some days, respecting the conduct which I have pursued during this short and unfortunate campaign.

After having fought during twenty-five years for my country, and having shed my blood for its glory and independence, an attempt is made to accuse me of treason...

Marshal Michel NeyThere is a historical personage who, when placed in a very difficult position, performed brilliantly. Someone who is at their best when things are at their worst.

But who always found someone else to blame when things went wrong.

Someone whose political position flip-flopped radically in a short period of time.

But whose personal bravery was legendary, leading from the front if he thought the enemy was running, taking foolish and un-neccessary risks. Someone who repeats blunders when things are looking good.

Naturally, the French put up a statue of him. Will history repeat itself?

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Zoe Brain said...

John B: Re 'Fabrications' against Kerry : the best summary I've seen of the current state of play is the list of 30 Questions from Bruce Kesler.
There's been lots of stories about the SwiftVet 'smears' being debunked, but strangely, little actual evidence that what they say hasn't been true. That's not to say that every allegation has been proved, far from it. But at least as many as have been debunked are now admitted to be true by the Kerry/Edwards website, and the vast bulk of the claims have been, if not verified, then had additional confirmatory evidence found for them.
If you think the above is BS, please give me some evidnce, I may be wrong. But read the list of 30 questions first.