Tuesday, 21 September 2004

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In the 19th century, the Lunatic Asylum at Bedlam was a tourist attraction. Now I've never been able to imagine how someone could possibly be entertained this way.

On another topic completely, and entirely unrelated, I commend to your attention an interesting thread at Democratic Underground.

It starts thus :
At this stage it wouldn't be wise to come down too hard on the Bush supporters in that if they go to the booth on November 2 and vote for Bush out of SPITE or out of ANGER against what we the Kerry supporters might say to them, then we have lost.

Back off, give Bush supporters enough room to quietly back down from thier support of Bush. Allow them to not be angry (because of what we as individuals might say to them), allow them to maybe just maybe back away from Bush gracefully and quietly and don't PUSH them to vote for Bush out of anger or spite.

Maybe just maybe we will get more support when the debates commence.
The comments on this are instructive.

Membership of this site is only open to Liberals and Progressives. Democrats. Anti-Republicans. Now I'm a supporter of the Australian Liberal Party, and firmly believe in both Progress and Democracy. For that matter, I'm anti-Republican since I'm a Constitutional Monarchist. But that's not what they mean. Still, as in general (like most Australians) I'm more in favour of a Mixed-Economy US Democratic platform than an Unfettered Capitalist Republican one, I thought I'd give myself the benefit of the doubt and join.

I wonder how long it will be before I'm thrown off? Hopefully never, as I won't be commenting on anything political, except to say 'No comment to avoid giving offence'. I'll help out whenever I can - for example, giving data about emigrating to New Zealand to someone who's leaving AmeriKKKa before Bush's Stormtroopers arrive. The question is, will my mere existence be anathema? I suspect so, even though I fully intend to scrupulously follow their terms of service. But Dissent is not tolerated there - or rather, it's compulsory, and anyone not in complete agreement is immediately suppressed, banned and banished. There's still a broad and enlightening spectrum of views though.

In order to be helpful then, I'm publicising these brave souls' courageous stand against the Dark Forces that would Repress them. Their Voices SHALL be heard! And the more publicity is given to them, the better, say I.

Hat Tip to AllahPundit for the thread about the Exodite

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