Wednesday 27 October 2004

Alternate Realities

Over at The Command Post, I've authored an article on the upcoming US Presidential elections that has been building up inside me for a long time. Sorry to re-direct you, and cause you additional hassle clicking the link, but there's little point repeating it here. Although I would be surprised if Bush doesn't win more popular votes, with the distribution of the electoral college amongst states, Bush could easily lose (as Al Gore did in 2000). It looks like it will be, to all intents and purposes, a draw (again like 2000), where minor technicalities will decide who gets in.

Of course, the same thing was said about Latham vs Howard. I thought Latham would just squeeze in, so my track record on election predictions is pretty abysmal.

Suffice to say that I'm both pro-Bush, and anti-Kerry (two different concepts), and I attempt to explain what I think would happen under a Kerry Presidency. Sorry to disappoint rabid GOPers, but I don't think it would be a disaster, just a minor hiccup in world affairs. OK, not so much a hiccup as having a lung removed, but probably no worse than that, unless something drastic happens which requires leadership.

For a different set of alternate realities, have a look at Today in Alternate History. Timelines such as the Martian Invasion, or Communist America. Amusing, and also food for thought.
October 27, 1871: Democratic party boss William Tweed is arrested for corruption by Communist Attorney General David Wade. The arrest of the most powerful Democrat in New York brings the Democratic party in New York crashing down. With the loss of New York, the party soon began losing its hold over other states, and in 1884, was completely absorbed into the Socialist Party.
See what I mean?

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