Monday, 18 October 2004

Corporate Gibberish Generator

Seen via Harry's Place (Which in itself is an interesting site for someone of my political pursuasion. Far, Far, FAR Left. But Rational. Sane even. Definitely neither anti-semitic nor post-modern.)

Anyway, here it is. With an example of the output :
At AEBrain, we understand how to recontextualize dynamicly. Our technology takes the best features of XSL and PGP. We will iterate the capability of e-services to engage. Imagine a combination of HTML and C++. We understand that if you integrate magneticly then you may also evolve compellingly. We will incentivize the capability of user interfaces to envisioneer. Imagine a combination of Apache and Perl. If all of this seems fabulous to you, that's because it is! Think social-network-based, collaborative, one-to-one. We will deliver the power of markets to deploy. The micro-CAE factor is customer-directed. Imagine a combination of Flash and IIS.
Harry's place also contains critical articles about some of the worst things characteristic of (parts of) the Far Left. Thuggery. (He's agin it) Stalinism. (He's agin it doubled, and the tolerance of it by the faux-Leftist Euro-Aristocrats). Post Modernist Psychobabble (Even CHOMSKY is agin it!)

He's also predictably against Fascism , though many on the Left these days, and not just the Far Left, have an unhealthy friendhsip for it when practiced by non-Westerners.

If he keeps up being impressed only by facts, logic, numbers, evidence, basic humanity, compassion and rationality, maybe he'll stop being a Far-Lefty. Or I'll stop being a Right-Wing-Death-Beast. Because I see far more basic similarities than superficial differences between him and myself. I just can't see him ignoring facts just because they contradict his prejudices and deeply-held dogma - a failing not confined to the far left, but also found in the far-right and (it pains me to say it) the centre and all points in-between. I wonder if he's as disconcerted by that as I am?

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