Tuesday, 16 November 2004

Creation "Science"

A School Curriculum report I'd like to see :
Miskatonic University's Board of Governors has decided that "Creation Science" should now be taught alongside the more usual Evolution-Theory-based Biology and Quantum Superstring-Theory-based Cosmology courses.
In keeping with our American heritage, the primary theory being taught will be that of the Lakota Nation of Native Americans, and the majority of the course will concentrate on the roles of Thunderbird and Coyote, and experimental verification of the Theory. Students engaged in Advanced studies will perform a critical analysis and comparison of the primary Theory with that of the Arunta people of Northern Australia, in particular the concept of the "Dreamtime" and the role of the Rainbow Serpent. Experiments will be designed and performed to distinguish which Theory is more accurate.
Classes will also be taught in less detail about other competing theories, such as the Lesser- and Greater- Path Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Hindu, Classical Greek, Islamic, Judeo-Christian, Taoist and Shinto theories, approximately half-an-hour on each.
After all, this is about "Science" and not any particular religion, isn't it?

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Joseph said...

I thought schools already covered those versions of Creation Science.

The fight over school curricula is between two ignorant armies, not between the forces of light and the forces of darkness.