Thursday 11 November 2004

Tex's 2004 blog awards

From Evil Whacking Day, Tex's 2004 Blog Awards :
Best blog of them all: Little Green Footballs

Best solo blogger: Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs

Best oz blogger: Tim Blair

Best cranky old right-wing geezer: Kim Du Toit

Best chick: Michele Catalano

Best essay-style blogger: Belmont Club

Highest IQ: the very appropriately named Alan E. Brain

The "really needs to start posting more coz she rocks" award: Emily Jones

The no-particular-reason-to-give-the-award award: Yobbo

Best newbie: Currency Lad
Well, only one dud (No 7) out of ten... that's a lot better average than you get from the Emmies.

I really must see if I can get a copy of the video showing Karyn Phelps (famed Lesbian former head of the Australian Medical Association), Myself, Tommy Leonetti (Cpl. Nick Cuccinello in "Gomer Pyle USMC") and Tiny Tim. Rated "G".

I generally don't care too much about awards. But from Tex... that's pretty good for the ego. Though I think Professor Norman Geras, Professor C.D.Hall, or even Professor Bunyip have a bit more between the ears than I do.

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