Sunday 5 December 2004

As Easy As


Which is Pi to 24 digits, as much as is needed for double-precision FORTRAN, and hence as much as I've memorised for practical reasons. I've never needed it to a greater accuracy, so far anyway.

If you want a better approximation, just go over to this java applet, which recites the digits of Pi in a choice of Cantonese, Cockney English, Czech, Transatlantic English, French, German, Hebrew, Bahasi Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Malay, Mandarin, Persian, Rumainan, Russian, Slovak, or Spanish. Or, if you prefer, Morse Code, Percussive Tones, Melodic Tones, Dial Tones, and some that defy description.

I haven't tested to see what the limit on the digits is, as Pi has been calculated to 6.4 billion places. But it would be a great background sound for Transcendental Meditation.

Hat Tip : A Voyage to Arcturus

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