Friday, 28 January 2005

A Pair of Aces

Cross-posted from The Command Post :

Two MilBlogs, Husband and Wife.

She has just arrived with her unit in Kuwait.
He is a Combat Engineer Sergeant in the Ist Armored, preparing for his second tour in the Sandbox "in the fullness of time".

His :
The loss of 30 Marines and a sailor (their corpsman?) is tragic.

But here's my question: Where the fuck are all these vampiric reporter assholes when a helicoptor goes down in training? The only reason these cats are on the news at all is because it happened in Iraq and it is another wedge to take a shot at George Bush, the United States of America, and our Iraq mission. Let a bird go down at Ft. Campbell (as they do regularly) and there might be 3 inches of text on the back of page 31.

Flying a helicoptor through a sandstorm is dangerous, whether it be at NTC or in Iraq.
His friends - and I'm honoured to be one of them - don't call him "Full Metal Atkinson" for nothing. He's forthright, and frank.

Hers :
I'm trying to think of things to update with, and there's not much. I'm on a convoy to Doha tonight, and God only knows how long that will take. We've done not much of anything, and it's dusty here, as well as crowded. The lines for everything are unreal.

So far, I'm making it okay, although the silliness is starting to drive me crazy. Yeah, yeah. Short drive.

We have all sorts of folx working on the camp, from Middle Eastern to Latino, and mostly, they all *stare*. It's kind of unnerving. It's like they haven't seen any of us before. The ME men seem to stare at the female soldiers more than most, and it's almost as though they expect us to be ten feet tall or something odd.

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