Tuesday 18 January 2005

Retired Hurt

The Australian leader of the Opposition, Mark Latham, has just resigned, both as ALP (Australian Labor Party) leader, and from the Federal Parliament, due to "health reasons". And for once, it's true, the poor bastard's got recurrent pancreatitis, exacerbated by stress.

From a post on November 27 :
My bet's on Rudd BTW, but in 2 months, not next week
Close enough regarding the timing, let's see if I've picked the winner. "Bomber" Beasley sounds awfully confident, while Rudd is stuck in Indonesia, actually doing something constructive for the country. No-one in the press is mentioning what's-her-name, the deputy leader of the ALP, as she's so obviously a Latham stooge.

I would have preferred that he been clean bowled rather than retired hurt though, and wish him the best for a speedy recovery. He's still a bastard, but doesn't deserve what he's got.

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