Sunday, 6 February 2005

Give Fascism the Finger!

Cross-posted from The Command Post.

17460852_F_store.jpgThanks to Australian RadFem and UltraLeftist Blogger HakMao, you can now Give Fascism the Finger.

Badges, Fridge Magnets, and Coffee Cups are all available. Lest you think that Hell has frozen over and she's become all Capitalistic of a sudden, in a scathingly brilliant move that will appeal to both Left and Right, Marxist and Right-Wing Death-Beast alike, all proceeds ($2 per mug, and $1 per button/magnet) will be split between the IFTU (Iraqi Federation of Workers Trade Unions) and the Iraqi Pro-Democracy Party. (You know.. the bloggers behind Iraq the Model- the guys who met a bloke called George W. Bush recently...).

Finally, something we can all agree on, Red-state, Blue-state, Gay, Straight, even Australian. Let's all Give Fascism the Finger together.

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