Wednesday 16 February 2005

Stark Idiocy

From Normblog :
Cook returns to the matter of WMD, and disarming Iraq, and whether Iraq was a threat, and is then asked by the interviewer, 'Would Saddam still be there?' Here is the money passage, Cook's reply to that question:
Umm... Well, that of course... the longer the period that passes... it is now some two years since the invasion... the longer, that becomes a speculative question. Anybody who has seen Saddam Hussein emerge from his hole and has seen the disordered, deranged mind that he now has, is bound to ask whether those that were actually saying at the time of the invasion that Saddam would fall in his time, would probably have been right by now.
The answer to this speculative question, which anyone with 2 neurons to fire together will immediately come up with, is No.

When teaching, I always told my students "There's no such thing as a stupid question - the only stupidity is not to ask". But here we have proof that I was over-generalising.

The question is, is Robin Cook a complete idiot thinking that he can "fool some of the people all of the time" with this outrageous whopper, or just plain Evil. Or both.

Hell, Joe Vialls has more credibility. BTW talking of the incomparable Joe, head on over to Whacking Day for Mr Vialls latest (Zionist Elite Prepares To Desert America). Tex is performing an admirable public service, reading the inimitable Mr Vialls so you don't have to. A specimen (and I use the word in its medical sense) :
The rugged and beautiful island of Tamania [sic] is a wanted war criminal's dream. Easily defended against attack, this remote redoubt offers a climate similar to New England. Recreational activities for jaded war criminals from America and Palestine include trout fishing in the many lakes and rivers, deer hunting in the mountains, and crayfish on the coast. Once properly 'persuaded' by the Jewish Mistaravim Praetorian Guardsmen, Tasmania's more attactive females [and small boys] will be happy to gratify the wide-ranging sexual perversions of the exiles.
Joe's only publishers are rampantly anti-semitic organisations like Stormfront and a few others. Few publish him more than once.


Murdoc said...

I've got that beat. Someone I argued with a lot before the invasion told me in June or July of 2003 (!) that we couldn't be sure that Saddam would still be in power if we hadn't invaded. "Things were changing," he told me, "but then we went an messed it all up."

Zoe Brain said...

Re: "Things were changing," he told me, "but then we went an messed it all up."Yes, the same thing can be said about the French intervention in the Rhineland in the late 30's. No doubt Adolf Hitler would have been toppled before 1940 if we hadn't gone in then too.
Only a neo-con could believe that Churchill fellow when he said that a Great War Mk II - call it "World War II" could result if Hitler wasn't stopped.