Friday, 18 March 2005

Brain Gender

I was about to use a different title for today's Brain Link, one where the word "Gender" was replaced by a 3-letter word starting with 'S', ending with 'X', and with an 'E' in the middle.

Then I thought "Oh well, there go all my readers overly-protected by various 'innapropriate content' filters", such as are found in all too many libraries, so I piked out. I prefer increased communication over standing on an insignificant point of freedom-of-expression. It saves my energies for more important battles, such as when freedom of expression is more seriously challenged.

Anyway, courtesy of Dr Charles, here's a Brain Gender Profile test over at the BBC.

FWIW* I was exactly in the middle of the Male range - marginally Male or Female in many tests, but off-the-scale-Male when it came to abilities associated with Science and Engineering. And for that matter, length of my fingers.

If that doesn't intrigue you enough to invest a quarter-hour or so of your precious time taking it, nothing will.

* - For What It's Worth

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