Monday, 28 March 2005

Easter Eggs

For those in need of a refreshing pause : A simple but enjoyable Flash game :Chain Reaction. This game can be played in a few spare seconds, or a few hours.
The objective of the game is to get a chain reaction of tiles as long as possible.

For those of philosophical or theological disposition : Sacred Texts On the Web . Everything from the Talmud to UFOs.
Indian Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs [1912]
This collection of Indian folklore, retold for younger readers 'of all ages', includes many stories from the Jataka, a Buddhist compilation of fables.

For the Necromantic Uber-Geek : Installing Linux on a dead Badger.
Default partitioning: /root goes in the spinal cord and brain stem, /swap and /soul go on the left hemisphere of the brain, and /usr, /var, and /home go on the right. If you're working with a badger with damage to one of those areas, you can repartition one or the other brain hemisphere, but as noted in Step 2, using a brain-damaged badger is not recommended and may interfere with successful installation.

Finally, Easter Egg Central. for a list of programmatic Easter eggs and how to find them.
Easter eggs are undocumented bits of code that come hidden inside operating systems, applications, Web browsers, games, and other programs. Easter eggs are usually very well hidden and requires knowledge of arcane, undocumented commands. Click in the proper place, edit the right file, or type in the secret sequence, and you'll be rewarded with anything from a simple scrolling list of the names of the programmers who created the product to a full-blown game you can play.
Hope you like them.

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